Image - Craig Melvin
Image - Craig Melvin
Image - Craig Melvin

Craig Melvin: Learning to Be a Son and a Father

Involved, caring fathers make a lasting impact on their children's lives. On his "Today Show" “Dads Got This!” series, Craig Melvin explores the inspiring stories of fathers across the nation who are dedicated to making a difference in their kids’ lives. He’s covered fathers who are frontline workers, raising their children alone, and working with children with learning and physical disabilities. Now, in his new book Pops, Craig Melvin investigates his own relationship with his father and how it influences the way he chooses to pursue fatherhood.

Addiction, transformation and redemption are the honest truths at the core of Melvin’s story. Craig’s father, Lawrence, was distant and often absent due to work obligations and alcohol addiction, but a fiercely loving mother made sure their family stayed together. In his book, Melvin reveals what makes an inspiring, proactive father as seen through the people in his life—uncles, teachers, mentors—and how their examples set a standard for his own fatherhood journey.

A story of journey, understanding and reconciliation, Craig Melvin is exploring the honest truths of fatherhood. Join us as Melvin discusses the joys and challenges of being a father.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently hosting all of our live programming via YouTube live stream. This program was recorded via video conference on July 12th, 2021 by the Commonwealth Club of California.

Image - Craig Melvin

Craig Melvin

Cohost, NBC’s "Today Show"; Author, Pops: Learning to Be a Son and a Father; Twitter @craigmelvin

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In Conversation with Raj Mathai

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