Image - vaccine syringe
Image - vaccine syringe
Image - vaccine syringe

COVID-19 Vaccines and Returning to Normalcy

Amid dire news of increasing COVID-19 deaths and strict lockdowns this winter, we see vaccines being approved in record time.

How and when will these vaccines be rolled out to hundreds of millions of Americans? Who will be offered them first, and when will the rest of us gain access? Will we take them when offered—and if not, will they be mandated? As these vaccines are dosed in unprecedented volumes here and around the world, how fast can they slow the spread of the coronavirus? Most of all, when can we get back to the activities we’ve been missing? Will vaccines ever allow life to return to normal?

In the Club's final COVID program of the year, two experts will tell us what to expect, and when.

Image - Bob Wachter
Bob Wachter
M.D., Chair, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
Image - Ken Kelley
Ken Kelley
Vaccine Executive; Pandemic Preparedness Advisor, NIAID and CDC
Image - Mark Zitter
Mark Zitter
Chair, The Zetema Project—Moderator