Image - Sara Holtz plus book cover
Image - Sara Holtz plus book cover

Career Lessons from 100 Successful Women with Sara Holtz

Sara Holtz, a former Fortune 500 vice president, is the author of Advice to My Younger Me: Career Lessons from 100 Successful Women and the host of the highly rated podcast "Advice to My Younger Me." She has interviewed hundreds of successful women about what they wish they had known earlier in their careers, has coached thousands, and has received the American Bar Association’s prestigious Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award in recognition of the impact that her work has had on helping women succeed.

We'll start the program with an overview of the main lessons Holtz has learned from her interviews about the critical steps to career success. Too many women (and men) expect that all they need to do is work hard on assigned tasks and they will be rewarded for their good work with raises and promotions. But that's a bit unrealistic; Holtz says that succeeding at your career requires taking responsibility for how it unfolds, understanding the unwritten rules in your workplace, nurturing and leveraging your career relationships, and taking smart risks.

After a brief presentation by Holtz, the in-person participants will break into small groups to discuss some common career challenges before regrouping for further discussion. There will also be a post-event reception with wine and cheese for more discussion and networking, along with a book signing.

Although this program will be available on live stream, come to the Club for the full experience that includes small groups, meet Sara and your peers, and maybe even have dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant!

Image - Sara Holtz

Sara Holtz

Author, Advice to My Younger Me: Career Lessons from 100 Successful Women and Bringin’ in the Rain: A Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Business Development; Host, "Advice to My Younger Me" Podcast; Career Coach

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Eric Siegel

Chair, Personal Growth Member-led Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California—Moderator