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Image - Hollywood sign
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Beyond the Screen: Race and Diversity in Hollywood

People from BIPOC communities face a myriad of challenges in the entertainment industry, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. From on-screen talent and actors to production crews, publicity teams, talent management, writing and film criticism, marginalized groups often remain underrepresented in all aspects of an industry that has major influence on American culture. Despite evidence that shows addressing these racial inequities could reap an additional $10 billion in annual revenue, efforts by the industry to create parity continue to be inadequate.

Join a panel of experts on race in Hollywood at INFORUM, where they will discuss the harsh realities that most people of color face in entertainment, as well as steps toward industry-wide changes meant to increase representation and provide space for a new and diverse generation of creatives.


This program contains EXPLICIT language.

This important community program is made free to the public thanks to McKinsey & Co.

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Image - Linda Yvette Chávez
Linda Yvette Chávez
Filmmaker; Film and Television Writer; Co-creator, Co-showrunner, Executive Producer, Netflix’s "Gentefied"
Image - Franklin Leonard
Franklin Leonard
Founder, The Black List
Image - Sheldon Lyn
Sheldon Lyn
Partner, McKinsey & Co.; Co-Author, Black Representation in Film and TV: The Challenges and Impact of Increasing Diversity
Image - Rebecca Sun
Rebecca Sun
Senior Editor, Diversity and Inclusion, The Hollywood Reporter—Moderator