Image - photos of speakers and books
Image - photos of speakers and books

Arlie and Adam Hochschild: Reflections on Activism, Ideals and Writing

Two prolific writers—individually admired, respected and award-winning in their own areas of research—have been married to each other since 1965. Join us to discuss with Arlie and Adam Hochschild the global political and social issues they have investigated, and the major changes in American culture they have witnessed, as we roam through two lifetimes of caring and creative writing in their pursuit of understanding the patterns of history and culture more clearly—with the mutual goal of developing a more humane civilization.

This Program Contains Explicit Language.

Image - Adam Hochschild

Adam Hochschild

Historian; Co-Founder, Mother Jones; Lecturer, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley; Author, American Midnight, King Leopold's Ghost, To End All Wars, Spain in Our Hearts, Rebel Cinderella, and many more

Image - Arlie Hochschild

Arlie Hochschild

Professor Emerita of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley; Author, Strangers in Their Own Land, The Second Shift, The Managed Heart, The Time Bind, The Outsourced Self, and many more

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In Conversation with George Hammond

Author, Conversations With Socrates