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Image - farm field
Image - farm field

America's Rural Opportunity

The economic opportunities available to citizens in rural America have become an issue of increasing national interest and focus. Since the 2016 presidential election, policymakers and politicians from across the political spectrum have tried to understand the unique economic and workforce needs of rural communities and workers at this critical time in American history.

Throughout the pandemic, many rural areas have seen an influx of urban residents in search of cheaper real estate and new ways of remote working. Recent federal legislation to address the economic fallout from the pandemic has also focused on directing new resources to rural areas. In short, there is, perhaps, a once-in--a-generation opportunity to address some of the gaps that exist between rural America and metropolitan areas. How will rural America seize this moment, and what do leaders and policymakers need to understand about rural America at this important time?

This discussion will focus on what policymakers, philanthropists and politicians must get right at this moment to aggressively implement innovative solutions to help build geographically inclusive growth that includes rural areas. This includes addressing key issues around high-speed internet access and other digital solutions, identifying emerging growth industries in rural areas, and training the workforce of tomorrow for these opportunities. We will hear directly from the head of a foundation committed to this work, the leader of a national nonprofit that has received major media attention for focusing on closing the rural opportunity gap, and a California congressman who, despite representing Silicon Valley in Washington, is dedicated to addressing rural economic issues.

Please join us for a critical conversation about how rural areas can grow innovation economies for the 21st Century.

Image - Matt Dunne
Matt Dunne
Founder and Executive Director, Center on Rural Innovation
Image - Katy Knight
Katy Knight
President and Executive Director, Siegel Family Endowment
Image - Ro Khanna
Ro Khanna
U.S. Representative (D-CA 17)
Image - Ray Suarez
Ray Suarez
Co-host, “WorldAffairs” Radio Program and Podcast; Washington Reporter, Euronews