Image - Adam Gazzaley and Robert Strong
Image - Adam Gazzaley and Robert Strong

Adam Gazzaley and Robert Strong: The Neuroscience of Magic

From ancient conjurers to quick-handed con artists to Las Vegas illusionists, magicians throughout the ages have been expertly manipulating human attention and perception to dazzle and delight us. The phenomena of cognitive and sensory illusions are responsible for the “magic” of a magic trick, but how and why? Come meet neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley and magician Robert Strong as they team up to demonstrate how magicians use our brains as their accomplices in effecting the impossible—and explain what scientists can learn about the brain by studying the methods and techniques of magic.

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Image - Gazzaley

Adam Gazzaley

Professor of Neurology, UC San Francisco; Executive Director, Neuroscape; Twitter @adamgazz

Image - Strong

Robert Strong

The Comedy Magician; Twitter @RobertStrong