Commonwealth National Podcast

2007: Is This 1984? (11/29/2007)


Kevin Bankston, Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Chris Hoofnagle, Senior Staff Attorney, Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic; Senior Fellow, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology
Chris Kelly, Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Global Public Policy, Facebook
Jane Horvath, Senior Privacy Counsel, Google
Rich Smith, President, Cannon Street, Inc.; Former investigator, FBI
Annalee Newitz Columnist, Techsploitation; Blogger; Author – Moderator

In today’s modern era, new technology trends and products enter consumer markets practically on a regular basis. But the public’s privacy might be at the expense of all the technological innovations. So in the age of Web 2.0, Google Earth maps, human microchip implants and MySpace, what is privacy? Information is ubiquitous, and it’s all available at the stroke of a few keys. Are technology and the consumer’s thirst for information crossing the line of privacy? Has terrorism infringed upon our civil rights? Or is it all making us safer and more accountable for our actions? With our distinguished panelists, we’ll look at how the Web and technology have challenged privacy.

This program was recorded live on November 29, 2007.