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Big Plastic: The New Big Oil

Plastics are everywhere. And while we’ve known for a long time that plastics and our environment aren’t a good mix, it's becoming apparent that they’re massive climate polluters too. The production of plastics alone produces about 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. After what is often a single use, the resulting waste continues releasing the greenhouse gasses ethylene and methane as it breaks apart.

Yet, as petrochemical companies pay lip service about ending fuel production, they are pouring resources into plastics production. This program explores how we could wrap up our reliance on plastics.

June 15, 2024

Commonwealth Club World Affairs of California
United States

Image - Alexis Jackson

Alexis Jackson

Ocean Policy and Plastics Lead, California Chapter, The Nature Conservancy

Image - Jane Patton

Jane Patton

U.S. Fossil Economy Campaign Manager, Center for International Environmental Law 

Image - Susannah Scott

Susannah Scott

Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara 

Image - Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson

Founder and Director, San Antonio Bay Waterkeeper

Image - Greg Dalton

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One

Image - Ariana Brocious

Ariana Brocious

 Editor, Producer and Co-Host, Climate One