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Elizabeth Kolbert: H Is for Hope

Elizabeth Kolbert began reporting on the increasingly devastating effects of climate change in the early 2000s—before Al Gore’s breakthrough documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” Kolbert’s reporting became the foundation of her book Field Notes from a Catastrophe, which sounded the alarm on the causes and effects of global warming. In the two decades since then, the frequency and intensity of climate-induced disasters has only grown. And yet, Kolbert’s latest book is titled H Is for Hope: Climate Change from A to Z. So where does she see cause for hope? What is the world finally doing right? And what work still needs to be done?

Join Climate One co-host Ariana Brocious for a live-streamed conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Elizabeth Kolbert as we unpack the state of the world’s climate and ongoing efforts to mitigate future disaster.


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Kolbert photo courtesy the speaker; main image: detail from Kolbert's book cover.

March 28, 2024

Commonwealth Club World Affairs of California
United States

Image - Elizabeth Kolbert

Elizabeth Kolbert

Journalist; Author

Image - Ariana Brocious

Ariana Brocious

Co-host, Climate One