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East Bay

Oakland Forum: Ceasefire Oakland—A Plan for Public Safety

Join us for a conversation about reducing violence in Oakland and how we can all work together to keep each other safe. Afterward, stick around for our reception; buy a drink and chat with our speakers and with fellow attendees.

About the Speakers

Pastor Billy Dixon leads At Thy Word Ministries and is co-chair of the Board of Directors of Faith in Action East Bay. He is an Oakland native and the son of a pastor. Dixon joined the U.S. Navy before becoming a correctional officer for 28 years. Later he attended seminary at Southwest Bible College, and in 2010 he took over the church his father had founded, At Thy Word Ministries.

Dr. Holly Joshi is the City of Oakland's chief of violence prevention. She has vast leadership experience and a track record of successfully implementing evidence-based, violence prevention and intervention strategies. Prior to taking on leadership of the Department of Violence Prevention (DVP), Dr. Joshi served as senior director at GLIDE, a nationally recognized center for social justice, dedicated to fighting systemic injustices, creating pathways out of poverty and crisis, and transforming lives. At GLIDE she led the Center for Social Justice, a department focused on improving housing access, community health and safety, and gender and racial equity.

Taking on the leadership of the DVP is a homecoming for Dr. Joshi who worked for the city from 2001–2015, holding diverse investigative and leadership roles within the Oakland Police Department, including child exploitation unit supervisor, Internal Affairs Division investigator, crime reduction team investigator, public information officer, and chief of staff. In this work she was widely recognized for her expertise in gender-based violence, commitment to progressive policing, and collaborative relationships across the city.

Captain Frederick Shavies is the acting captain of Ceasefire. He is an 18-year veteran with the Oakland Police Department and a graduate of the 283rd FBI National Academy. Captain Shavies is an Oakland native who is passionate about reducing violence in his community.


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March 20, 2024

Fluid 510
1544 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
United States

Image - Billy Dixon

Billy Dixon

Pastor, At They Word Ministries; Board Co-chair, Faith in Action East Bay

Image - Holly Joshi

Dr. Holly Joshi

Chief of Violence Prevention, City of Oakland

Image - Michelle Meow

Michelle Meow

Producer and Host, "The Michelle Meow Show," KBCW TV and Podcast; Member, Commonwealth Club World Affairs of California Board of Governors—Co-host

Image - Frederick Shavies

Frederick Shavies

Captain, Oakland Police Department; Acting Captain, Ceasefire