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How History Caught Up With the West in Afghanistan

Drawing from his years of reporting from Afghanistan, journalist Andrew North—arrested and detained by the Taliban during a reporting trip in 2022—will discuss how history caught up with the West in Afghanistan, with examples from the early period after 9/11 through to the Taliban takeover.

He will examine how many of the issues that defined the U.S.-led coalition’s occupation could be traced back to the way Afghanistan came into being during the British colonial era in the 19th century.

This program is free to attend, and pre-registration is not required. Seating capacity is limited to 100, so please arrive early to ensure a seat.


A Peninsula Chapter program. Chapters and forums at the Club are organized and run by volunteer programmers who are members of Commonwealth Club World Affairs of California, and they cover a diverse range of topics. 

December 6, 2023

Los Altos Library
13 S San Antonio Road
Los Altos, CA 94022
United States


Andrew North

Independent Journalist; Former Reporter, BBC