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Two Voices on Climate that Will Surprise You

It’s easy to write off people outside our own ideological bubbles, even when we might have many goals in common. But as the effects of the climate crisis become more apparent, we need leaders from all political and industrial perspectives to work together. In the United States, climate change is a polarizing issue in which it’s too easy to assume that one side is working to reduce emissions and the other side is defending the status quo.

But that’s only a caricature of reality. There are people from many ideological backgrounds trying to address the climate crisis. So how can common ground be found between environmentalists on the left and Republicans on the right? And what does an EV-driving member of the ConocoPhillips board have to say about reducing emissions?  

April 7, 2023

United States

Image - John Curtis

John Curtis

U.S. Representative (R-UT)

Image - Arjun Murti

Arjun Murti

Partner, Veriten; Director, ConocoPhillips board

Image - Greg Dalton

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One