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Radio Program: Rana Foroohar and Nouriel Roubini on Post-Globalization Challenges

This radio program from The Commonwealth Club draws on two separate events: "Rana Foroohar: The Path to Prosperity in a Post-Global World" and "Nouriel Roubini: Megathreats." 

First, Financial Times columnist and CNN global economic analyst Rana Foroohar offers a deep look at the vulnerabilities of globalization. She makes the case that the reign of globalization as we’ve known it is over and the rise of local, regional and homegrown business is now at hand. She says that for decades, the neoliberal economic philosophy of prioritizing efficiency over resilience and profits over local prosperity has produced massive inequality, persistent economic insecurity, and distrust in our institutions. Place-based economics and a wave of technological innovations now make it possible to keep operations, investment and wealth closer to home, wherever that may be.

Next, in the 1970s, the United States faced stagflation: high rates of inflation combined with stagnant employment and growth. Global economist Nouriel Roubini predicts we are heading toward another Great Stagflation that will be difficult to recover from. Is it too late to avoid this economic catastrophe? Financial and geopolitical certainties that we once took for granted have disappeared, and Roubini says we are now facing a period of severe instability, conflict and chaos. He offers a sobering analysis of 10 "megathreats" that are interconnected, immense in scale, and bearing down on us.

October 23, 2022

The Commonwealth Club of California
United States

Image - Rana Foroohar

Rana Foroohar

Global Business Columnist and Associate Editor, Financial Times; Global Economic Analyst, CNN; Author, Homecoming: The Path to Prosperity in a Post-Global World; Twitter @RanaForoohar

Image - Kirk Hanson

In Conversation with Kirk Hanson

Senior Fellow and Former Executive Director, The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University; Member, The Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley Advisory Council

Image - Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel Roubini

Professor of Economics, New York University’s Stern School of Business; Author, MegaThreats: Ten Dangerous Trends That Imperil Our Future, And How to Survive Them; Twitter @Nouriel

Image - Barry Eichengreen

In Conversation with Barry Eichengreen

George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science, University of California, Berkeley