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Radio Program—On The Run: Voluntary and Forced Climate Migration

The climate crisis is a growing driver of human migration, exacerbating the misery of already struggling communities. 

According to the U.N. Refugee Agency, climate change typically creates internal displacement within countries before it pushes people across national borders. While much of this displacement is involuntary, many with wealth and foresight are able to move before they personally feel the most devastating effects.

How well are governments prepared to handle an influx of people driven from their homes—and support those who are left behind?  

August 22, 2022

The Commonwealth Club of California
United States


Abrahm Lustgarten

Senior Reporter at ProPublica

Colette Pichon Battle

Esq., Co-Executive Director, Taproot Earth 

Kayly Ober

Senior Advocate and Program Manager, Climate Displacement Program, Refugees International

Image - Greg Dalton

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One


This radio program features portions of programs recorded earlier.