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The Art of Disability Culture

Despite the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and small signs of progress here and there, artists with disabilities still face discrimination and prejudice in the arts arena. Disability culture is still marginalized, and access features are not always offered as standard practice in exhibitions.

Join us as we tease out some of these issues and why they matter, with an accessible introduction to disability culture and a dynamic conversation between photographers Nolan Trowe and Anthony Tusler. We’ll consider how representation and visibility is integral to their work, and how their work also advocates for a more radically inclusive and accessible arts and culture landscape.

MLF Organizer
Robert Melton

MLF: Arts

Speaker photos courtesy the speakers.

March 29, 2022

The Commonwealth Club of California
United States

Image - Nolan Ryan Trowe

Nolan Ryan Trowe

Photographer; Writer, Focuses on Stories Around Disability

Image - Anthony Tusler

Anthony Tusler

Writer; Photographer; Consultant; Trainer; Advocate on Disability Issues

Image - Fran Osborne

Fran Osborne

Museum Consultant; Specialist in Accessible Exhibitions; Independent Curator and Lecturer, Museum Studies Program at San Francisco State University—Moderator

Image - Robert Melton

Robert Melton

Freelance Curator; Community Events Arts Organizer; Co-Chair, Arts Member-Led Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California—Host