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The Economic State of Black America

As with many aspects of American life, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacted BIPOC communities. For Black businesses, this meant closing their doors and for Black workers, either being laid off or made to work in unsafe conditions. In a system where Black workers are proportionally overrepresented in low-wage work and sharply underrepresented in executive positions, this negative impact is exacerbated. However discouraging this reality is, it serves as a call to action to close the wide, possibly widening, racial gap.

At INFORUM, a panel of experts on the economic state of Black America will provide insight on what a path to equal and just recovery looks like, expanding upon research by McKinsey & Company. Further, juxtaposing the current reality with the prosperity offered by a better future, they will drive home the need to make change, and do so quickly.


This is a free, online-only program; you must pre-register to receive a link to the live-stream event. We welcome donations made during registration to support the production of our online programming.

This important community program is made free to the public thanks to McKinsey & Co.

August 27, 2021

United States

Image - Shelley Stewart III

Shelley Stewart III

Partner, McKinsey & Company; Co-author, "The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be"

Image - Michael Chui

Michael Chui

Partner, McKinsey Global Institute; Co-author, "The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be"

Image - Kristen E. Broady

Dr. Kristen E. Broady

Ph.D., Fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program, The Brookings Institution

Image - Jeffery Wallace

Jeffery Wallace

CEO and President, LeadersUp

Image - Jennifer Ablan

Jennifer Ablan

U.S. Assistant Managing Editor, Financial Times—Moderator


11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. program
(all times PDT)