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Jay Inslee, BP and Washington’s Climate Story

In Washington state, voters defeated initiatives to put a price on carbon price -- twice. Governor Jay Inslee himself then lost his personal bid for the White House. Yet his bold ideas have proven staying power. The state legislature recently passed a carbon cap that is estimated to reduce economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions 95 percent by 2050. Even big oil, which spent tens of missions of dollars to defeat the 2018 carbon pricing proposal, seems to be changing its tune, with BP now supporting a price on carbon.

Is this greenwashing, or is the changing attitude for real? And how might the state of Washington be a bellwether for Washington, D.C.?

July 11, 2021

United States


Jay Inslee

Governor, Washington

Tom Wolf

Senior Manager for Government Affairs on West Coast, BP

Leonard Forsman

Chairman, Suquamish Tribe

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host Climate One