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"From Here" Film Screening and Discussion

From Here is a hopeful story of Tania, Sonny, Miman, and Akim—artists and activists based in Berlin and New York whose lives and futures hang in the balance of immigration and integration debates.

As the United States and Germany grapple with racism, nationalism and a fight against diversity, the film’s protagonists move from their 20s into their 30s and face major turning points in their lives: fighting for citizenship, starting families, and finding room for creative expression.

Spanning a decade in two of the world’s largest centers of immigration, this sensitive and nuanced documentary captures their journeys to define what it means to “belong” in societies that are increasingly hostile to their existence.


Hosted by Mosaic America and San José Museum of Art.

May 20, 2021

United States

Image - Christina Antonakos-Wallace

Christina Antonakos-Wallace

Director, From Here Film

Image - Tania Mattos

Tania Mattos

Northeast Policy and Monitoring Manager, Freedom For Immigrants

Image - Sonny Singh

Sonny Singh

Musician; Education; Activist

Image - Usha Srinivasan

Usha Srinivasan

CEO and Co-Founder, Mosaic America