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AgeMarch/AgeMagnificent: Everyone at Every Age Is Age Magnificent

Join this historic evening! Hollywood’s famed Melissa Rivers will host Barbara Rose Brooker, San Francisco native, author and founder of the first televised, virtual global AgeMarch/AgeMagnificent movement production in history, which will air on March 27, 2021.

Barbara and Melissa, opposite ages, will discuss their feelings about ageism in our anti-age culture. Barbara will talk about why and how in 2010, she founded AgeMarch, and her vision to promote a pro-age culture where people of all ages, race, genders, sexual orientations, will not be defined by age.

The AgeMarch has evolved into a current Hollywood production and a world -wide movement. Barbara will talk about the gift of age at every age, dating, mating, careers, health. All of it.

Melissa Rivers is an award-winning fashion and pop-culture host, a reality-TV star, an actress, and executive producer. She’s the New York Times bestselling author of multiple books, an accomplished speaker and lecturer, and a dedicated and vocal philanthropist and advocate. But Rivers is perhaps best known as a creator of the modern “Red Carpet” event brand through her many interviews and appearances as a co-host on the E! Television and TV Guide networks, including the globally recognized and iconic "Fashion Police."

Barbara Rose Brooker, MA, is a native San Franciscan, columnist, teacher, and author of 12 novels. Her latest novel Love, Sometimes, is being considered for a TV series. She has been on "The Today Show," Andy Cohen, "Inside Edition," "Extra," CBS, KRON TV and ABC. Her latest book Night Songs will be released in 2021. Her podcast The Rant is live on YouTube and global.

Julie Stern is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after television executives in the world. Her extensive roles include executive producer, strategist, executive consultant, chief of staff and network executive. Forbes magazine recently named Stern “A Profile of Leadership, Humanity, Humility and Hard Work.” And, for good reason. Her impressive resume includes serving as senior vice president of production for OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network, as well as vice president of production for Lifetime Entertainment, where she oversaw all unscripted programming, development and finance, which included oversight of the Emmy Award-winning hit series "Project Runway." From respected roles at NBCUniversal, ABC, CBS, FOX and most global network and cable entertainment companies, to most recently Reese Witherspoon’s "Hello Sunshine," Stern continues to bring her passion for creating unique and groundbreaking programming.

MLF Organizer
Denise Michaud

MLF: Grownups

February 23, 2021

United States

Image - Image - Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers

TV Red Carpet Host; Actor; Author

Image - Barbara Rose Brooker

Barbara Rose Brooker

Columnist; Teacher; Author, Love, Sometimes and Night Songs; Host, "The Rant" Podcast

Image - Julie Stern

Julie Stern

Executive Producer, AGEMARCH