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Trauma and Resiliency: The Opioid Crisis in Communities of Color

While much of the social and political attention surrounding the nationwide opioid epidemic has focused on the dramatic increase in overdose deaths among white, middle-class, suburban and rural users, the impact of the epidemic in communities of color has received less attention.

It is important to recognize and be responsive to historical and ongoing trauma, particularly trauma experienced in health systems and through the criminalization of the war on drugs. This trauma is often perpetuated by the lack of community-based prevention, intervention and access to treatment, especially culturally competent care, as well as the lack of addressing cultural stigma related to seeking treatment in communities of color.

Join this important discussion about the wide ranging impact of the opioid epidemic.


Supported by Bay Area Community Health

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July 28, 2020

United States

Image - Patrice Harris

Patrice Harris

M.D., Psychiatrist, Immediate Past President, American Medical Association

Image - Virginia Hedrick

Virginia Hedrick

Executive Director, California Consortium for Urban Indian Health

Image - Andrew Herring

Andrew Herring

M.D., Medical Director, Substance Use Disorder Program, Highland Hospital-Alameda Health System; Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California San Francisco

Image - Marlies Perez

Marlies Perez

Chief, Community Services Division, Behavioral Health, State of California

Image - Katie Bell

Katie Bell

Nurse Consultant, Telewell Indian Health MAT Project—Moderator