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Arts Forum Planning Meeting

The Arts Community in the San Francisco Bay Area ranges from very large and prominent producing and exhibiting organizations (San Francisco Opera, Asian Art Museum) to very small street-front galleries and theatre groups. The Club's Arts Forum leaders will review the strong efforts  to support the arts due to the catastrophic implications resulting from cancellation of performances and spaces beginning in mid-March 2020. 

Come learn about and discuss how the response from the arts community has continued to build bridges of experience between people. The arts, as JFK said, demonstrate “the forces that unite us are deeper than the forces that divide us.”

Is the primary consideration for the near (and distant) future about how to experience the arts in person? What happens to being in an audience? Being a viewer? We will discuss this and more.

MLF Organizer
Anne W. Smith

MLF: Arts

June 11, 2020

United States

Lynn Curtis
Co-Chair, Commonwealth Club Arts Forum
Robert Melton
Vice Chair, Commonwealth Club Arts Forum
Anne W. Smith
Co- Chair, Commonwealth Club Arts Forum

5:15 p.m. program