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How did an Italian grandmother in 4-inch heels become the greatest legislator since LBJ? Join us virtually as award-winning political journalist Molly Ball takes you inside the life and times of the speaker of the House. Based on exclusive interviews and deep background reporting, Ball shows Nancy Pelosi through a thoroughly modern lens, explaining how this extraordinary woman has met her moment by taking on a president and defending democracy. Ever since the Democrats took back the House in the 2018 midterm elections, Nancy Pelosi has led the opposition with strategic mastery and inimitable elan.

It's a remarkable comeback for the veteran politician who for years was demonized by the Right and taken for granted by many in her own party even though, as speaker under President Barack Obama, she deserves credit for epochal liberal accomplishments, from reforming Wall Street to allowing gay people to serve openly in the military, from universal access to health care to saving the U.S. economy from collapse. Perhaps twice.

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Molly Ball photo by Tim Coburn

June 10, 2020

United States

Image - Molly Ball

Molly Ball

National Political Correspondent, Time Magazine; Author, Pelosi

Image - Carla Marinucci

In Conversation with Carla Marinucci

Senior Writer, Politico California Playbook

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