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Will Climate Matter in the Election?

After a fleeting moment atop the national political agenda last year, climate change has been eclipsed by the global pandemic. A recent poll from Yale found that public engagement on climate change is at or near historic levels. But will that matter when people vote? The Environmental Voter Project asserts that many people who say they care about climate and the environment don’t actually cast ballots. Further, when talking to pollsters they lie and say they did vote.

How will mainstream media cover climate in national and regional elections? Will President Trump’s stance on climate hurt Republicans in down-ballot races? Do Joe Biden’s policy positions on climate really matter?

Join us with Vannessa Hauc, journalist and senior correspondent at Noticias Telemundo, Jeff Nesbit, executive director at Climate Nexus, and Nathaniel Stinnett, founder and executive director of the Environmental Voter Project, for a conversation on climate coverage in the race for the presidency.


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June 3, 2020

United States

Image - Vanessa Hauc

Vanessa Hauc

Journalist and Senior Correspondent, Noticias Telemundo

Image - Jeff Nesbit

Jeff Nesbit

Executive Director, Climate Nexus

Image - Nathaniel Stinnett

Nathaniel Stinnett

Founder and Executive Director, Environmental Voter Project

Image - Greg Dalton

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One