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Supporting Girls' and Women's Empowerment Around the World

Empowering girls and women around the world is increasingly seen as an essential aspect of social justice and development. To help to break the cycle of poverty, education in many forms is a critical feature of programs that transform the lives of girls and women. Confidence and believing in oneself can help young girls and women realize their dreams and build sustainable economic growth. Building on the success and increasing the skills of students can enable young women to become successes in the future and make the world a better place. Our panelists represent significant organizations that will impact the lives of individual women and change the world.

MLF Organizer
Frank Price

MLF: International Relations

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May 28, 2020

United States


Dr.Beverly Thompson

Career Girls

Liz Fanning


Evelyne Keomian

The Karat School Project

Lynn Foden

Thrive Networks

Carrie Johnson

GOTR of Lancaster and Lebanon Counties

Linda Calhoun

Chair, International Relations Member-Led Forum—Co-Moderator

Frank Price

Vice Chair, International Relations Member-Led Forum—Co-Moderator


3–4 p.m. PT program