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Youth Talk: MsAfropolitan's Minna Salami

Renowned writer Minna Salami’s work is dedicated to the many complex facets of feminism. She founded the award-winning blog MsAfropolitan to connect the dots between intersectional feminism, African diaspora and contemporary culture. She explores these themes and more in her new book Sensuous Knowledge, a collection of essays that also challenges us to rethink our history with power, beauty and knowledge.

Join Salami at INFORUM for a youth-centered conversation on what it means to be a feminist, how youth can navigate gender politics, and how young women can build an empowered future for themselves. This conversation will be moderated by Lena Jennings, Equity Strategist at Google and Cinnamongirl, Inc. mentor.

This conversation is a part of the Commonwealth Club’s new focus on civics education and is in partnership with Cinnamongirl Inc., an organization aimed at providing access, experiences and a global mindset, empowering girls to be the visionaries our world needs.


Salami photo by Ewelina Stechnij.

May 20, 2020

United States

Image - Minna Salami

Minna Salami

Founder, MsAfropolitan; Author, Sensuous Knowledge

Image - Lena Jennings

Lena Jennings

Mentor, Cinnamongirl, Inc.—Moderator