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A Healthy Society Series: Ethics and Value in Health Crises

The coronavirus pandemic has forced communities to face issues of ethics and human value in the health-care system. The higher rates of hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 complications in communities of color draw focus once again on institutional inequities in access to health care and on hard questions confronting just paths forward.

The Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Foundation’s (NorcalMLK) new Center for Social Impact, Development, and Global Engagement (SIDGE Center) focuses on linking ethics and value as data points to information architectures in health care and IT structures in order to improve equity. Leading ethicists and scholars Dwight Hopkins and Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez will be in conversation with Norcal MLK’s Aaron Grizzell, as they explore thoughts on ethics and value that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to confront.

MLF Organizer
Robert Lee Kilpatrick

MLF: Health & Medicine

This program is generously supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and a collaborative of local funders and donors. We are grateful for their support and hope others will follow their example to support the Club during these uncertain times.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
May 14, 2020

United States

Image - Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez
Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez
Trustee, Pacific School of Religion
Image - Dwight Hopkins
Dwight Hopkins
Ph.D., Alexander Campbell Professor of Theology, University of Chicago
Image - Aaron Grizzell
Aaron Grizzell
Executive Director, NorcalMLK Foundation; Co-Founder, SIDGE Center—Moderator

5:15–6:15 p.m. PT program