Image - Why Fish Don’t Exist: Invisibilia’s Lulu Miller
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Why Fish Don’t Exist: Invisibilia’s Lulu Miller

The NPR series “Invisibilia” has always focused on the unusual, unseen influences on how humans behave. As the co-founder of the program, Lulu Miller influenced this unique focus on psychology and physiology with her experience in authoring books, teaching fiction at the University of Virginia and producing radio shows on a range of topics, including a story of a man who uses echolocation to navigate daily life and a glimpse into the research around musical hallucinations. 

Miller continues this deep dive into incredible human phenomena with her new book, Why Fish Don’t Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life. This nonfiction piece tells the story of a scientist from the 19th century who experiences disaster after disaster yet continues to persevere, moving on when all seems to be lost. Miller makes use of her eclectic background to deliver a tale that is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Learn more about Lulu Miller’s new book, self-described as “part biography, part memoir, part scientific adventure,” and join INFORUM as we get a better view of the intersection between psychology, entertainment and history.


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Miller photo by Kristen Finn 


April 27, 2020

The Commonwealth Club
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Image - Miller

Lulu Miller

NPR Reporter; Co-Founder, “Invisibilia”

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Kishore Hari

Science Correspondent,—Moderator