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Pandemic Health-Care Inequities: How They Put All Americans at Risk

COVID-19 has been a national disaster. The impact has disproportionately affected minority and lower income Americans, who tend to have jobs that can’t be done from home and are less likely to have health-care coverage or access to medical care. That’s true in most crises, but this one is different. Anyone who fails to get tested or treated for COVID-19 risks getting others sick and delays economic recovery for all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

How can safety-net hospitals, Medicaid providers, and health plans ensure that all Americans get the tests and health care they need during the pandemic? Will the current sentiment that "We’re all in this together" finally convince the public of the need for universal coverage? CEOs of two safety-net hospitals and the nation’s largest public option health plan will discuss how they’re handling the crisis, what they’re doing to reduce inequities, and the potential impact of the crisis on health care going forward.


This program is generously supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and a collaborative of local funders and donors. We are grateful for their support and hope others will follow their example to support the Club during these uncertain times.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
April 24, 2020

United States

Image - Susan Ehrlich

Dr. Susan Ehrlich

CEO, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

Image - Elaine Batchlor

Dr. Elaine Batchlor

CEO, Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital

Image - John Baackes

John Baackes

CEO, L.A. Care Health Plan

Image - Mark Zitter

Mark Zitter

Founder/Chair, The Zetema Project, Moderator


2 p.m. PDT program