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The Instagram Story with Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier

In a short 10 years, Instagram has grown from a simple idea for sharing photos to an application with over 1 billion monthly users and company growth that has surpassed many other tech giants. At the same time, this exponential success has been accompanied by a dramatic acquisition by Facebook in 2012 and the Instagram co-founders stepping down in 2018. 

Award-winning technology reporter Sarah Frier helps bring some clarity to the mysteries surrounding the tech giant in her book No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram. The Bloomberg reporter delivers stories taken from the Instagram influencers and celebrities that have helped drive the app to such rapid growth, the employees and executives who have watched from behind the scenes, and the founders of Instagram themselves who give insight into the growth and change of the service.

Join INFORUM as Frier draws from her expertise in technology to navigate through this diverse cast of sources to paint a picture of how Instagram evolved to shape the online experience and fundamentally change how we engage with society.


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April 20, 2020

United States

Image - Frier

Sarah Frier

Technology Reporter, Bloomberg; Author, No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram

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Molly Wood

Host and Senior Editor, "Marketplace Tech"; Co-Host, “Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly”—Moderator