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Alexis Madrigal: The COVID Tracking Project

As the COVID-19 crisis grips America and the world, the daily counts of confirmed cases and deaths have become ubiquitous. But these two numbers paint an incomplete picture about how widespread the outbreak truly is.

To provide a more detailed scope of the crisis, journalist Alexis Madrigal started the COVID Tracking Project. Madrigal and a team of data and science experts have spent hundreds of hours obtaining, organizing and publishing high-quality data breaking down the test numbers. The data report the number of positive and negative tests done at the national and state levels, as well as pending tests and deaths.

Madrigal joins us to break down this important work and how data can help us better understand an invisible enemy.


This program is generously supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and a collaborative of local funders and donors. We are grateful for their support and hope others will follow their example to support the Club during these uncertain times.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
April 14, 2020

United States

Image - Alexis Madrigal

Alexis Madrigal

Staff Writer, The Atlantic; Founder, The COVID Tracking Project

Image - Kishore Hari

Kishore Hari

Strategic Partnerships, Science Communications and Engagement, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative—Moderator


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