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Minimizing Fear

Monday Night Philosophy understands that we have explained life to ourselves in ways that have scared us silly for so long that it has become an engrained habit. Ironically, it's a habit we rather enjoy because fear often keeps us more alert than we'd otherwise be. But there are other ways to remain intellectually alert to the nuances of life that are not so debilitating. So tonight, join us via live stream, and we'll sort through those fears with the goal of understanding how unlikely it is that these fears are justified, eliminating those that are highly irrational and minimizing those that are merely ridiculous. 

MLF Organizer
George Hammond

MLF: Humanities

Banner photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash

March 30, 2020

United States

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George Hammond
Author, Rational Idealism and Conversations with Socrates

7:30 p.m. program