Image - Seeking Asylum at the Southern Border

Past Event

Seeking Asylum at the Southern Border

Border walls and immigration were hot-button issues in the 2016 federal election, and the Trump administration’s evolving policies and practices have been the subject of numerous media stories and segments. Join Julie Small of KQED and Clara Long of Human Rights Watch in a discussion of conditions for asylum seekers on the southern border and what you need to know. 

MLF Organizer
Ian McCuaig

MLF: International Relations

February 11, 2020

The Commonwealth Club
110 The Embarcadero
Max Thelen Boardroom
San Francisco, 94105
United States

Image - Long

Clara Long

Senior Researcher, U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch (Focusing on Immigration and Border Policy)

Image - Small

Julie Small

Reporter, Guest Anchor and Host, KQED Public Radio (Focusing on Criminal Justice and Immigration)—Moderator


5:30 p.m. check-in
6 p.m. program