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Making Life a Spectacular Journey

World traveling backpacker turned life teacher shows how to find wealth, wisdom and well-being without taking a step. A life lived with unusual experiences, combined with a poet’s creativity, led Neal Grace, author of Fresh Eyes Upon the World: Making Life a Spectacular Journey, to offer an uplifting message on personal transformation that can help heal the negativity in our current world. Some people develop their life philosophy by studying the great philosophers, Grace developed his by living passionately. Eager to share how his adventures and rise from being nearly destitute to becoming a millionaire inspired a unique perspective, Grace reveals simple ways to find and achieve peace of mind.

Neal Grace has always followed different paths to discover unexplored frontiers—from living in the woods for months to traveling with a backpack around the world to forging a career in the business world that made him a millionaire. A passionate observer, Grace began chronicling his experiences. Inspiring others to live freely and creatively, he has authored 2,500 poems and two opera librettos; Fresh Eyes Upon the World is his 15th book.

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December 3, 2019

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Neal Grace
Author, Fresh Eyes Upon the World