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Carbon Offsets: Privileged Pollution?

Carbon offsets: They’ve been called everything from a band-aid solution to “the best thing a consumer can do right now.” A new service even offers customers a monthly subscription to offset their carbon footprint.
Meanwhile, offset providers are scrutinized for transparency, and purchasers are criticized for using them as a get-out-of-jail-free card. In the race to bring carbon emissions to zero, are offsets a legitimate tool—or a scam to allow heavy emitters a way out of taking real action? What impact does purchasing offsets have on poorer communities?

This was an audio-only program featuring multiple interviews that were conducted separately.

July 30, 2019

The Commonwealth Club of California
595 Market St.
San Francisco, 94102
United States


Kahlil Baker

Executive Director, Taking Root

Derik Broekhoff

Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environmental Institute

Zoe Cina-Sklar

Climate Justice Campaigner, Amazon Watch

Barbara Haya

Research Fellow, Center for Environmental Public Policy

Pauline Nantongo Kalunda

Executive Director, Ecotrust Uganda

Pennie Opal Plant

Owner, Gathering Tribes

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One