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San Francisco


Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World: Four Keys to Fulfillment and Balance

Current trends indicate a movement away from traditional religion toward more inclusive views of spirituality, indicating a clear need for establishing a balance between our spiritual longings and our material needs. Anna Gatmon will discuss her view that “people have an intrinsic longing to lead meaningful, purposeful lives, and contribute to making our world a better place. Neglecting this need has created a spiritual hunger in our culture, a great void needing to be filled.” 

Passionate about making spirituality practical and accessible to everyone, she offers tools on how to rise above the daily grind. Through her personal experience and research, Gatmon has found four keys that will help the audience find a more whole and compassionate way of life, spiritually and materially balanced.

MLF Organizer
John Milford

MLF: Grownups

September 26, 2018

The Commonwealth Club
110 The Embarcadero
Toni Rembe Rock Auditorium
San Francisco, 94105
United States

Image - Gatmon
Anna Gatmon, Ph.D
Author, Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World

4:45 p.m. check-in
5:15 p.m. program