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Gay and Iraqi: Ghazwan Alsharif on The Michelle Meow Show 9/20/18

Our in-studio guest this week: Ghazwan Alsharif, the subject of the film From Baghdad to the Bay; he is also a former Iraq war translator

In his words: "My name is Ghazwan Alsharif, and I am a survivor.  I am thankful to be a blessed and happy man.  In my view, the world is a classroom and every day is a lesson.  We learn from it and we move on.  My goal is to always be optimistic whenever possible! At the time we started making this documentary, I was not ready to come out as a gay man.  I wanted to protect my family and was more worried for them than I was for myself and the gay community.  You may know that the culture and religion in Iraq prohibits homosexuality.  When I heard the news in 2012 about what was happening in Iraq regarding the killing of gay men, I decided that someone needed to step up and help stop the craziness.  So I took this chance to give a voice to the problem by telling my story.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the film."

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September 20, 2018

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