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Farm to Table 2.0: Chefs Cutting Carbon

Can a menu at a fancy restaurant be a map for solving the climate challenge? A handful of prominent San Francisco chefs are using their high-end restaurants to illustrate how innovative grazing and growing practices can cut carbon pollution. They want chefs and their clients to know the “foodprint” of their choices and consider the impacts. But they are not preachy vegans who think cows are evil. Rather Anthony Myint, whose Commonwealth restaurant received a Michelin star, thinks putting compost on grasslands used to graze cattle can be a big lever for healing the climate and regenerating soils.

San Francisco’s restaurants will be showcasing their climate-friendly dishes during the Global Climate Action Summit from September 12-14. Can restaurants be platforms for changing the food system?

Join us for an engaging conversation about carbon-neutral dining and for a sampling of appetizers from The Perennial.


Crenn photo by Jordan Wise

August 23, 2018

The Commonwealth Club
110 The Embarcadero
Taube Family Auditorium
San Francisco, 94105
United States

Image - Borden

Gwenyth Borden

Executive Director, Golden Gate Restaurant Association

Image - Crenn

Dominique Crenn

Chef and Owner, Atelier Crenn

Image - Myint

Anthony Myint

Executive Chef and Co-Owner, The Perennial

Image - Dalton

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One