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Ronan Farrow: The War on Peace

Recent accounts of the U.S. State Department building liken it to the site of a nuclear attack: empty offices, dark wings and noiseless halls. According to Ronan Farrow, this desolate building is a symbol of something even bigger—American diplomacy has fallen to the wayside while our use of military action seems to grow. How did this happen and what does it mean for America’s place in the international sphere?

Farrow, investigative journalist, former government advisor and now author, answers these questions and more. Farrow documents the decline of diplomacy since 9/11, citing incidents from across the globe and sharing interviews with whistleblowers, policymakers and every living secretary of state, from Henry Kissinger to Rex Tillerson. 

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Farrow about America’s role in the global community, the changes that have gotten America here, and how a return to diplomacy could lead the nation down a brighter path.


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April 30, 2018

Marines' Memorial Theatre
609 Sutter Street
San Francisco, 94102
United States

Image - Ronan Farrow
Ronan Farrow
Investigative Journalist; Author, War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and The Decline of American Influence
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Kara Swisher
Executive Editor, Recode—Moderator