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Journalism and the Information Civil War

Is our current social and political climate fueling a new golden age of journalism? Or is it a dark time for the media? Driven by attacks on the freedom of the press, information and disinformation, and a changing media landscape, news organizations have renewed their interest in uncovering the truth through investigative reporting.

Robert Rosenthal, executive director of the Center for Investigative Reporting, and Monika Bauerlein, CEO of Mother Jones, will discuss the present and future for real news and information. The Center for Investigative Reporting is nationally respected for setting the highest journalistic standards and for their signature approach to investigative reporting and collaboration. Mother Jones is the 2017 winner of Magazine of the Year for its investigation of private prisons and for breaking the story of a spy's allegations that Russia sought to compromise Donald Trump.


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June 7, 2017

Live Stream
United States

Image - Bauerlein

Monika Bauerlein

CEO, Mother Jones

Image - Rosenthal

Robert Rosenthal

Executive Director, the Center for Investigative Reporting