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Amory Lovins: Peak Car Ownership

Will the rapid arrival of robotic cars lead to the blissful end of traffic? Or will autonomous cars merely put drivers out of work and clog our streets even more than before? No one knows for sure if the utopian or dystopian vision will arrive at your front door. What is clear is that the convergence of automobiles and information technology promises one of the biggest industrial and cultural disruptions we have ever seen. It is also happening faster than even the most rabid supporters expected. Will that upheaval help or hurt the need to move away from oil and other fossil fuels to protect the climate that supports our economy?

Join us for a conversation about this revolution in personal mobility.

April 12, 2017

The Commonwealth Club
555 Post St.
San Francisco, 94102
United States

Image - Lovins

Amory Lovins

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One

Additional Speakers TBA