Past Event

Gopi Kallayil: Brain, Body and Consciousness

Image - Gopi Kallayil
Thu, Feb 2 2017 - 7:00pm

Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing, Google; Author, The Internet to the Inner-Net: Five Ways to Reset Your Connection and Live a Conscious Life
Andrew Trader, Venture Partner, Maveron & Co-Founder, Madison Reed—Moderator

The Internet has become humanity’s invisible central nervous system connecting us with a click of a button. Yet the most important technology is still within us: our brain, body and mindfulness.

Drawing on his own experiences as a high-tech industry executive and a devotee of meditative practices, Kallayil explains the importance of conscious living and encourages yoga, mindful eating and even napping in the workplace.

From “logging In” (mindful ways of connecting and engaging) to “clearing out your in-box” (shedding what doesn’t serve you to make space for what does), Kallayil lays out practices and perspectives that can help you become more creative and adaptable, and live with more purpose, fulfillment and joy.