Rising Seas: Is San Francisco Ready?

In the Media

J.K. Dineen, Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle
Lauren Sommer, Science and Environment Reporter, KQED
Michael Stoll, Executive Director, San Francisco Public Press

The mainstream media, and human brain, are not well-suited to handling slow-moving threats that will appear in the distant future. Yet flooding of Bay Area roads this year can be partly attributed to rising tides and severe weather. How is the Bay Area media covering this reality?

Does climate change coverage take a back seat to more immediate concerns about race, safety and health? Are those issues connected?

At Your Doorstep

Charles Long, Real Estate Developer, Co-Chair, Tackling Sea Level Rise Initiative, Urban Land Institute
Margie O’Driscoll, Competition Advisor, Resilient by Design
Will Travis, Former Executive Director, BCDC

Bay waters are topping the Embarcadero during king tides, and repairing the seawall along the downtown waterfront will cost about $4 billion. Mission Bay and many other areas of the city are also threatened by the certainty of an expanding bay. This section of our program will probe what the city is doing to prepare for a soggy future and protect people in vulnerable communities. It also will explore what the real estate industry is doing to protect property that accounts for much of the wealth in San Francisco.

Climate One Connect

Audience members are invited to engage in breakout group conversations led by the speakers for 20 minutes following the program. We hope you’ll take part in this unique opportunity to delve deeper with the speakers.

September 13, 2016