Earth Day with Climate One: Learning Green and Earning Green

Increasingly, we understand how the issue of climate change is actually a youth issue. It is they who will inherit the changed planet, and it is they will be tasked with cleaning it up. On the weekend of Earth Day, Climate One will host an exciting, multi-part event exploring how this is changing the landscape for young adults. At “Learning Green and Earning Green,” we will discuss careers available to young professionals looking to have an impact and how education is changing to support that. We will also be featuring an eco-rapper, a spoken word presentation, and other entertaining surprises in addition to the engaging conversations you have come to expect from Climate One. Lunch will be served between panels and there will be a hosted reception where you can talk with students doing cutting-edge research and people who can discuss career options that will support a greener future.

Part I: Learning Green

Giana Amador, Research Analyst, Center for Carbon Removal
Minda Berbeco, Programs and Policy Director, National Center for Science Education
Ryan Condesa, Action Fellow, Alliance for Climate Education
Luis Martinez, Student Activist, TEEM
Alex Zwissler, Principal, Einstellung Labs; Board Member, Cool the Earth

In our first conversation, we will discuss how doctors, teachers and parents are framing climate change as a children’s issue. The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement saying children’s health will be disproportionately affected by climate. The California Parent-Teacher Association is raising its voice about carbon risk and the Boy Scouts are teaching kids about sustainability. We’ll explore how educators and students are increasingly making climate a youth issue.

Part II: Earning Green

Leonard Adler, CEO, Green Jobs Network
Charlotte MacAusland, Manager, Solar City; VP, Young Professionals in Energy
Lyrica McTiernan, Sustainability Manager, Facebook
Keely Wachs, Director of Communications, Clif Bar; Formerly with Brightsource Energy and PG&E
Katherine Walsh, Director, Student Environmental Resource Center, UC Berkeley

In our second conversation, we will discuss the hot prospects for building a climate conscious career. New jobs and avenues for advancement are being created as companies strive to grow cleaner and governments figure out what a disrupted climate means for water, food, transit, and housing systems. The young Americans entering the workforce today will create the cool new products, technologies, and cities that will grow our economy and stabilize the climate. What are the best career paths for people who want to take advantage of that huge opportunity? What sectors are most promising? Will doing good entail making less? A conversation about building a thriving career based on reducing carbon while increasing social and economic value.

Featuring: John Romankiewicz, Eco-rapper

Students on Ice Climate Scholarship

At this event, we will offer student attendees the opportunity to apply for our scholarship to join the Students on Ice expedition to the Arctic circle with 120 youths from around the world in the summer of 2016. The scholarship is available for San Francisco Bay Area high school students between the ages of 14-18 at time of application, who attend this program.