Barry Eisler, Former CIA Directorate of Operations

Barry Eisler, Former CIA Directorate of Operations; Author, The God’s Eye View; Twitter @barryeisler
Mike Masnick, Founder and CEO, Techdirt—Moderator

This is a Good Lit event, underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation

Within an elaborate game of political blackmail, terrorist provocations, and White House scheming, a global war is being fought—a war between those desperate to keep the state’s darkest secrets and those intent on revealing them. In Eisler’s new novel, NSA director Theodore Anders has a simple goal to keep America safe: collect every phone call, email, and keystroke tapped on the Internet. Evelyn Gallagher just wants to keep her head down and manage the NSA’s camera network and facial recognition program so she can afford private school for her deaf son, Dash.

But when Evelyn discovers the existence of an NSA program code-named God’s Eye and connects it with the mysterious deaths of a string of journalists and whistle-blowers, her doubts put her and Dash in the crosshairs of a pair of government assassins.