Fund Federal Transportation Investment Now

Welcome remarks by:
Hon. Norman Mineta, US Secretary of Transportation (ret)

Keynote address by:
Hon. Jim Beall, California State Senator (D)

Asha Agrawal, Director, Mineta Transportation Institute National Transportation Finance Center
Grace Crunican, General Manager, BART
Carl Guardino, Past Chair, California Transportation Commission
Emily Bacque, Director of Policy at CJ Lake, LLC
Steve Heminger, Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Karen Philbrick, Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute - Moderator

When the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US transportation infrastructure a grade of D+, it should have been a wake-up call. Two years later, funding approvals are still hard to come by. Bridges continue to crumble. Roadways develop potholes. Rail systems are in crisis.

Congress says that Americans won’t pay more taxes and fees for mobility. Is that true? What exactly are the funding challenges, and how are transportation leaders addressing them? Join us as we discuss the results from this year’s national survey of taxpayer opinions about transportation taxes and fees.

June 26, 2015