Power Ball: T. Boone Pickens

T. Boone Pickens, Chairman & CEO, BP Capital
Greg Dalton, Vice President of Special Projects & Director, Climate One - Moderator

Part of the Club’s Series on Ethics and Accountability, underwritten by the Travers Family Foundation.

The collapse of oil prices has once again driven the American energy industry from boom to bust. However as U.S companies lay down their rigs T. Boone Pickens thinks supply will contract and prices will head back toward $100 a barrel in the coming year. Other observers say slowing economies in China and Europe could tame oil demand and keep prices around $50 or $60 a barrel.

What do low gasoline prices mean for the US economy? What does $2 gasoline mean for renewable fuels and cutting carbon emissions? 

Join us for a conversation with a legendary oilman about powering America’s economy,  pursuing energy independence and the new geopolitics of oil.

March 24, 2015