Aasif Mandvi in Conversation with Adam Savage

Aasif Mandvi, Actor, Writer, Correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"; Author, No Land’s Man; Twitter @aasif
In Conversation with Adam Savage, Host of "Mythbusters"; Twitter @donttrythis

As a self-described “Indo-Muslim-British-American actor,” Mandvi gained notoriety as a regular correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." He is famous for his satirical segments about religion, politics and foreign policy.

“No Land’s Man” is a humorous mix of stories exploring who Mandvi is and where he came from. He addresses everything from his family, identity, and the cultural stereotypes he faced growing up in England and the United States.

Mandvi is an award-winning writer and actor and is one of the stars of HBO’s upcoming series “The Brink” with Jack Black and Tim Robbins.

January 29, 2015