Climate Cartoons

Yoram Bauman, Ph.D., Author, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change
Jonah Sachs, CEO, Free Range

In these hot and crazy times, we all need some comic relief. Yoram Bauman, the world’s first and only stand-up economist, promises to inform and entertain us with his 20-minute routine. Then he will sit down to talk about using humor and storytelling as tools for combating the doom-and-gloom attitude that often marks discussions about melting glaciers and disappearing species.

Jonah Sachs, a storyteller and author who helped create The Story of Stuff series that went viral on the Internet, will join Mr. Bauman. As Jim Hansen wrote about Mr. Bauman’s book, “Climate is no laughing matter – but it beats crying. Maybe this is the secret passage into people’s hearts and minds.” Join us for a light evening discussing the world’s darkest issues.

July 8, 2014