Nate Silver

Nate Silver, Editor-in-Chief, FiveThirtyEight; Author, The Signal and the Noise 
In Conversation with Jordan Ellenberg, Mathematician; Author, How Not to Be Wrong

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Presented by The Commonwealth Club of California in association with Cal Performances and The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

Nate Silver’s got a crystal ball and it’s made of premium quality statistical models. In 2008, Nate called the presidential election results for 49 out of 50 states long before the Western states had even finished voting. In 2012, he cemented his place in the halls of political forecasting fame by besting his 2008 record. Still, Nate’s not strictly married to politics. He started off predicting baseball, and his award-winning blog FiveThirtyEight strives to feature data-driven analysis of a diverse array of topics, from dating to education. His New York Times best seller, The Signal and the Noise, is yet another example of his effort to understand real-world phenomena through stats. Join us as we host Jordan Ellenberg in conversation with Nate Silver as they do the math on predictions inside and outside the world of politics.

This is the first of three Bay Area talks by Nate Silver. See for additional event information.